I want to live where I could be free, 2015
"If we don't hear the news about the mass tradegy anymore, for example, the migration crizis in Mediterranean Sea, it doesn't mean that the problem has dissolved. We should pay more attention to each others lifes as all we are the part of one system." Maria Inokentieva

Maria Inokentieva -  Moscow contemporary artist and curator, working both in Russia and abroad. Her works participated in the Phillips auction, were represented at the 5th Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art, the 4th and 5th Biennale of Young Art, nominated for the State Prize "Innovation-2015" as part of the project "The East. Deconstruction", curated by Anna Zhurba, and awarded a special prize "U-Art: You and Art". Having several higher educations as in contemporary art (ICA, Moscow), and in the field of engineering and reconstruction (MGSU), the artist in her projects draws attention to the texture of materials and structure of the objects in a space, reflecting the reality through thematic juxtapositions of the material culture and the ephemeral. Maria's works are mostly autobiographical, but at the same time they deal with the actual social issues of contemporary world.